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Purple Dinosaur Dream Catcher

Purple Dinosaur Dream Catcher

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*Unique design for little dino fans: If you are looking for dinosaur bedroom decor for boys or girls then this adorable dinosaur dream catcher is the perfect addition to their dino collection!

*Perfect gift: This big dino dreamcatcher makes little dino lover's hearts jump. Our dino dream catchers for kids are ideal wall decorations for a boys or girls bedroom or also for baby girl or baby boy nursery decor.

*Peaceful sleep: Dream catchers have originated from the Indians where they were hung above the sleeping children to protect them and send away the nightmares. It's our wish too that this dream catcher helps your little ones have a peaceful sleep and only let the good dreams come to them.

*High quality handmade product: Each dream catcher is individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen hence you get a very high quality, unique product as no two dream catchers are exactly the same.

*A mother's guarantee: I designed this with much love & attention to detail and with my own child in mind. Should you however not be satisfied with the quality of your dream catcher, we are here to serve.

Better Sleep for our Little Ones:
Being a mother myself, I know that a peaceful sleep is one of the best gifts we can give to our children - and to ourselves! So why not use the help of this dream catcher? Whether you share with them the traditional Indian legend whereby the dream catcher net filters out the bad dreams and only let the good ones come to them or whether you tell them that the little felt creatures eats up all the bad dreams, that's completely up to you. Perhaps your children even come up with their own version of how this dream catcher helps them sleep better. Whatever works!

Perfectly Unique Gift:
This dream catcher has been designed by myself, the founder of Kikiddo. The design is very unique and can't be found anywhere else. The dream catchers are completely handmade with highest quality standards - as a mum I believe that only the best is good enough for our children! The felt ornaments are nicely stuffed with cotton wool and meticulously sewn onto the dream catcher net, so nothing will drop off.

- The dream catcher hoop is wrapped in a satin cord and has a diameter of 8 inches.
- The stuffed felt ornaments are between 3.5 - 5 inches high.
- The total length of the dream catcher is 22 inches.

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