About Anja

My name is Anja, I am a mother of one daughter and together with my husband, we founded Kikiddo, a small family-owned business. I was born and raised in Switzerland, but we are currently settled and living in Singapore.
When I am not working on my company, I like to take long walks and cycles with my family, as well as enjoying the year-round swimming that comes with a tropical climate – a far cry from the summer hikes and winter skiing of my homeland!

Our Story

Our story began in early 2020, when our daughter was just a few months old. Both our daughter and our 4-year-old nephew had episodes of night wakings and nightmares, so we were looking for dreamcatchers that would help them sleep better through the night. However, we were not able to find anything suitable as the dreamcatchers we found were either too plain and boring for a kid or so cheaply made that it would fall apart after a short while.

That’s when Kikiddo was born! Our hope was to create awesomely cute looking dreamcatchers that would appeal to both kids and parents and would hopefully help our little ones to sleep better through the night. We wanted them to be so unique and special that you would be proud gifting them and making a little person happy.

With sustainability in mind, we chose to have our dreamcatchers handmade as we did not want to take short cuts when it comes to quality. We hope that they will create joy and stay in your family for a long time to come.

We currently have six dreamcatcher designs and keep working on new designs to add to our collection. Our goals are still the same – creating awesomely cute and unique dreamcatchers to bring joy to your little ones and help them to sleep better for many years to come.

  • With Love, Anja from Kikiddo

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all our customers for your ongoing support!

  • Customer Quote

    “Very cute design for kids’ room. Very pleased with decent quality. Very well packaged and protected for shipping. Overall excellent product, highly recommended.”
    David, October 2022

  • A good laugh and a long sleep

    A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. -Irish Proverb